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The Mitchenor Foundation recognizes the direct impact of Arts Education on children's academic achievement, self discipline, cognitive development, motor skills and graduation rates. 

While most public schools provide little or no Arts Education, TMF reaches children who are in transient conditions with inconsistent housing and schools.

Our specific intention is to impact children living in homeless shelters and communities that are not afforded the opportunity of a traditional public or charter school Art Education. To date, we have served over 2,500 children across the world from the U.S. to Uganda, Africa. 

  Our curriculum incorporates Visual, Performing Arts and Healthy Living courses.

Through our long-range comprehensive programming, participants also develop communication and problem solving skills. Upon completion, children leave recognized for their skills and abilities, feeling empowered to fully express their individuality and inspired to implement the lessons they have learned with TMF. 

Our unique Ambassadors Program allows children to become leaders in their communities, by sharing the core values and curriculum fundamentals of TMF with their peers and families. 



Children perform instructional dances and participate in creative movement games. Classes are designed to introduce dancers to composition, rhythm, body and spatial awareness, while fostering motor and cognitive development. TMF dance classes are very active and cardio-vascular based, encouraging fitness and agility. Instructors also use strategic games to encourage self-control and self-discipline.


Classes begin with Acting and Improvisation games to open the forum for children to take risks, trust their ideas and abilities and make creative choices. Children are divided into small groups to collaborate and create a scene. Their imagination is ignited and students are forced to work together to create a successful scene. Each child plays a different role and their public speaking and verbal communication is challenged. Playing a charachter promotes compassion and tolerance for others, as students are invited to step into the shoes of someone else. 



Visual Arts

Visual art experiences help children develop skills such as critical thinking, self-expression, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. The Instructor provides the class with his/her own artwork and invites the class to replicate it or choose to create something entirely unique of their own. Students are invited to share their final piece with the class and speak about their creative process and artistic choices. The children keep their artwork and are proud to share it with friends and family.


 Researchers have found connections between music lessons and nearly every measure of academic achievement: SAT scores, high school GPA, reading comprehension, and math skills. Students are taught to read sheet music, rhythm, tone and pitch. 

Healthy Living & Empowerment

Based on the fictional story of a new aged superhero, ALCHEMIST PRIME, created by founder, Coley M. Speaks, APSA is designed to help every kid find the SUPERHERO within. Our mission is to teach kids how to be the best they can be by helping to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health through fitness. APSA is a dynamic educational fitness program designed to teach kids how to properly care for their bodies through health and fitness, while building essential life skills. We teach the basics of human anatomy and physiology and biomechanics, while emphasizing the significance of staying active. Our comprehensive program also covers nutrition education by teaching the basic food groups and how to apply it to every day life.

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