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Metamorphosis Mentorship Program

Are you ready to embark on a journey of artistic transformation?

Awaken from your artistic slumber and embark on a journey of transformation that rivals the butterfly's magnificent metamorphosis. Just as the butterfly sheds its cocoon to soar freely, you too can break free from stagnation and ascend to the heights of a thriving working actor. Welcome to the Actor's Metamorphosis Mentorship Program, your cocoon of revitalization as you evolve from a stagnant actor to a dynamic force in the entertainment field.


Frequently Michelle receives messages from individuals world wide inquiring about how she transitioned from working with top recording artists into starring roles on major network and streaming platforms. This inspired her to create a virtual mentoring program to expand her reach and support of professionals  worldwide looking to transition to acting just as she did.


“This mentorship program really had an impact on my journey as an artist in LA. Especially moving to a new place with no friends and family, this mentorship really helped me focus and lock in with my dreams and how I was going to take the steps to make them reality. And not only did we talk and discuss my goals but we dive deep spiritually and mentally. Michelle was a great mentor and still to this day, one of my inspirations.” 

Alexa Young, CA

What's in it for you?

In this 10 week LIVE virtual group program you will receive knowledge Michelle has gained as an actor and mentor over the last 10 years. This program will take you through the 5 stages of transitioning to a working actor. 

“This is a program that is beneficial for goal building and legacy building for anyone who desires growth and self empowerment. The program calls for self confidence, self awareness and it will pull you to reach your highest self in the process. Loved it!”

Why Choose Metamorphosis Mentorship?

  1. Tailored Transition Plan: Our program is meticulously designed for artist as you acknowledge your authentic roots and merging then into the acting realm.

  2. Holistic Training: We nurture your artistic evolution holistically, enhancing your acting skills, self-assurance and emotional range.

  3. Supportive Community: Join a close-knit community of diverse artists where you'll share experiences, collaborate and uplift one another.

  4. Renowned Industry Mentors: Learn from celebrated actors who have gracefully transitioned from aspiring to working actor, receiving first hand guidance from those who've walked the path before you.

  5. Casting Insights: Our industry connections grant you access to immediate audition and self-tape feedback.


Launch your acting journey! This is not just a mentorship, it's a partnership designed to launch an inspiring acting career that blends your authenticity and artistry seamlessly.

“The mentorship program was so transformative for me because it gave me the tools to deliberately create and work towards my goals, and although my life looks very different than it did 8 years ago, I still find myself moving with that intention and ease towards bigger dreams. Also every time I see a butterfly I still think of you and the faith you had in me to fly on my own!”

Limited Spaces Available!

To ensure personalized attention, we are limiting enrollment. Click the button below to join today!


It is time to emerge as the radiant acting butterfly you are called and proposed to be.


The Metamorphosis Mentorship Program is your next step to witnessing the evolution of your artistic journey as beautiful as the butterfly’s flight.


Together, let’s spread your wings and embrace the spotlight — your acting journey begins now!

Join The Metamorphosis Mentorship Program

If you are at least 18 years of age and ready to hone your craft via this LIVE group mentorship program, then The MMP is for you. Sessions begin May 1, 2024, join the program now. Payment options available upon checkout. Fill out the application below and reserve your spot today.

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